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Content below goes beyond the book's events, and refers to many 'spoilers'. The author recommendeds reading his book before exploring below!

• Video/Audio •

Episode 42 on HigherIdeas

The Author performs a dramatic re-telling of events from "AYAHUASCA!".
Just a sample of the drama and story-telling style of this book.


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•Higher Ideas Podcast• # 044
There’s a ton of general information online about Ayahuasca. This episode explores “the rest”; layers that are just as important but receive less coverage. This episode is suited to those who know nothing about Ayahuasca and also those trying to inform themselves.

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•Higher Ideas Podcast• # 043
Discussing Ayahuasca, Spirits, Miracles, and God. Consider this whole episode a post-game to episode 042. Please listen to episode 042 before this one!

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•Higher Ideas Podcast• # 036
Introductory discussion on psychedelics in general. If you know nothing about psychedelics, this is your perfect primer.

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•Higher Ideas Podcast• # 037
A sample of what one might encounter in a psychedelic journey.
In this case, my own first-ever mushroom experience.

For those who have read the book and came here looking for 'the sound'. Here it is, with all the break-down.






‘The stuff’ was Ayahuasca, a psychedelic tea of sorts which has been a staple of Amazonia since far over the backward-horizon of recorded history.
-excerpt from 'AYAHUASCA!'


• Articles / Writing •

The Day My Heart Exploded
Feb 15 2016 - article by 'i'

An intense Ayahausca experience from 2014.

The Watchful Shadow
May 25 2015 - article by 'i'

An encounter with an ancient spirit, and a lesson on humanity.

The Mask Vision
May 14 2015 - article by 'i'

A more involved example of Ayahuasca visions.

The Frog Vision
May 13 2015 - article by 'i'

A simple example of Ayahuasca visions.

What Is Mother Ayahuasca?
May 10 2015 - article by 'i'

Mother's day - The perfect day to muse about Mother Ayahausca.

A prayer for 'J'
May 2 2015 - article by 'i'

A 'deleted scene' from the main ceremony in 'AYAHUASCA!'

The Black Hand
May 2 2015 - article by 'i'

A strange spiritual event that came months after 'AYAHUASCA!'

"All Hail The Green Machine!"
Aug 26 2013 - article by 'i'

Are plants a lower form of life, or could we have it all backwards?

(More to come!)



I’d just experienced something ‘impossible’, yet it had apparently ‘happened’! It was sending me into a mental tailspin.
-excerpt from 'AYAHUASCA!'


• Art / Photos •

• Mankind, The Gardener •
A poetic piece, highlighting mankind's forgotten mandate

• 'AYAHUASCA!' cover •
A better look at the book's cover art

• Last Night With Ayahuasca •
A spectacular vision on Jan 2016

• The Day My Heart Exploded •
Art created for an Ayahuasca article

• All Hands •
Art created for an Ayahuasca article




(More to come!)




"Mother Nature isn't an enemy, out to kill you, human. Remember who granted your life to begin with!"
-Mother Ayahuasca


• About The Author •

'i' is the psudonym of this book's author, main protagonist and illustrator. Born in 1983 - Reborn in 2013 - He lives in Toronto, Canada. Artist at heart, Scientific of mind, Monk-like in soul - Consider him some kind of urban renaissance-man.

"For most of my working life, I've been a visual artist working in various creative media industries. Behind the scenes, I've always been a curious wonderer. For as long as I can remember, in every idle moment of life, my thoughts have turned to the mysteries of consciousness, existence, reality, god, outer-space and Nature. In 2011, psychedelics appeared in my universe and set a massive personal revolution in motion. Through the healing and realizations that followed, I began taking my secret thought-mining much more seriously. I realized these jewels-of-thought I'd been stockpiling and benefitting from had a very human value, worth sharing. Seeing a great thirst in today's societies for novel and challenging thought, I started a little podcast entitled 'Higher Ideas' with the goal of 'spreading the seeds' with all my artistic media-might!

But after returning from the powerful events of 'AYAHUASCA!' in 2013, I found myself very-suddenly a writer!

I went straight to work, recording the unbelievable events I'd experienced. I quit my cushy high-paying job, my podcast ground to a halt and life was generally consumed with this task for two years. All to bring this humble book into existence. It was a promise made to the living soul of our planet, as crazy as that sounds! The most important promise of my life, now fulfilled.

Please enjoy the fruit of my efforts, and nurture what seeds-of-thought you find within."


Once again, I was settling uneasily into the amazing and terrifying truth that the rules of reality aren’t as straightforward as we like to tell ourselves!
-excerpt from 'AYAHUASCA!'



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