• # 040 • (Psychedelics) Psychic Ability
Here we go - Diving deep into the reality-bending effects that can be encountered in the psychedelic experience. Psychic connections. This is no joke, this is real stuff!


• # 039 • (Psychedelics) "Bad Trips"
Before getting too excited about the healing, mysteries and life-enhancing benefits of plant medicines like psychedelics, let's examine some potential downsides. This stuff isn't for everyone!


• # 038 • Redefining Religion
What is religion, exactly? Why has it become so unpopular? Is there nothing of value there? Let's have a look at it, and decide.


• # 037 • Adventures in Psychedelia
A sample of what one might encounter in a psychedelic journey. In this case, my own first-ever mushroom experience.


• # 036 • Let's Talk About Psychedelics!
Introductory discussion on psychedelics in general. If you know nothing about psychedelics, this is your perfect primer.
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#029 - Leggo My Ego!



• # 035 • Hello, Fellow Human (Listener Mail)
Replying to an e-mail from a listener, asking for advice.


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• # 033 • Hello Universe: The Paranormal
The time has come to hit some turbulence in the ocean of personal experience; 'the scientifically impossible'. AKA: The Paranormal.


• # 032 • The Fortress Of Science
In this episode we finally tackle Science! The issues around enshrining it as a religion and master of what is and is not real. It's also a study and warning on allowing one's mind to be trapped in any kind of box. Ego makes an appearance all over this episode, as the primary cause of taking refuge in such fortresses. Enjoy!


• # 030 • The Degrees of Truth and Knowledge
Welcome to Season 2: We're jumping right into this new realm. Starting with a new way of looking at depth of thought, as well as a system for sorting Truth & Knowledge


• # 029 • (End Season 1) Leggo My Ego
This episode marks the end of 'season 1' of Higher Ideas. There can be no more fitting subject to wrap up, and lead into Season 2, than EGO. Here I try to show you the face of your greatest enemy, and encourage you to engage it in battle! "Leggo your Egos!"


• # 028 • Hello Universe: Live While You Can
Another enlightening conversation with a piece of the universe named Aleks, a very deep young woman I've had the pleasure to meet recently. Here we discuss the 9-to-5, various entertainment media, and most importantly, the prospect of dropping everything and living an adventurous life.


• # 027 • Hello Universe: Personality
Another conversation with a piece of the universe today, in the form of 'Don'. Yet another awesome co-worker filled with gems of perspective. Today's topic turned out to be personality.


• # 026 • Hello Universe: Adoption
Once again I call the universe via conversation with other people. What nuggets of enlightenment will we find today?


• # 023 • Hello Universe: Artists
For the first time, Higher Ideas Podcast ventures out into the world in search of truth, through conversation!


• # 022 • The Invisible Reef
What can be learned from a humble piece of dead coral, collected on a distant beach?


• # 020 • The Shadow Side
Let's discuss the shadow side, and why it's important not to ignore it.


• # 019 • Mother Mary Comes To Me (Marijuana)
Here I share with you an intimate story of suffering and salvation. Take from it what you will.


• # 018 • Mind Yoga 1
Here I introduce the first mini-project on Higher Ideas: "Mind Yoga" - An experiment in creating a series of exercises to stretch the mind.


• # 017 • The Path Is The Point
Two people reaching the same destination in different ways will arrive in completely different states. So what's more important: the destination, or the path? Let's explore this idea.


• # 016 • War Paint
Finally wrapping up the OCCUPY saga section of the podcast, in this video for the first time show you my face (in the YouTube version)! But a face I haven't worn in a while. My OCCUPY face. My war face. The face that brought me out of myself, led to a permanent rebirth of self, and eventually created Higher Ideas podcast.


• # 015 • Are Corporations The Problem?
After what must be 40 failed attempts at recording this one, over a couple weeks, it's finally done with! Here I ponder whether corporations are 'the problem', and look to narrow down a focused answer.


• # 014 • Coincidence Overload
I share an amazing story of mind blowing coincidence (as shortly as possible). Within hours of experiencing it. Don't miss this one!


• # 013 • What Is Love?
A quick jam, pondering the experience we call Love. Consider this one a peek at the kinds of deeper thoughts that will eventually become common fare here on Higher Ideas.


• # 012 • Suicide And Society
Here I discuss a personal experience with the subject of suicide, and what pondering the experience taught me about society and activism.


• # 011 • In Tense Conversations...
Replying to an e-mail from a listener, asking for advice.

• # 009 • Let's Just Escape To Canada!
How often have you seen this comment when discussing serious problems in the USA; "Well there's always Canada!". This episode is for exactly those people. Giant storage facility discussed.


• # 008 • The Power of Preaching Gray
Is there any power in taking the middle ground in an argument? Most people wouldn't think so. In this episode I tell the story of preaching grey to a rigid mind, and what came of it. Shout-out to Tom for his awesome podcast family welcome.


• # 007 • Wisdom and Growth (Just Add Water)
Just a short one, to get a fresh thought out while it's pure. Hopefully it lifts some sails out there today. This one's dedicated to J, you understand how knowing you led me to this idea.


• # 006 • (Occupy) Covert Agents?!
This time I tell the story of my run-in with what may have been a covert agent at my Occupy camp. Have a listen, and see what you think. Have you had a run-in with agents at a similar event? I'd love to hear about it.


• # 005 • Decentralization vs Centralization
In this episode, I continue analyzing parts of my Occupy camp experience discussed in #002. Specifically the spectrum of centralization, and its properties. In this question we find the true nemesis of the occupy movement, and at the same time its greatest strength. I believe the tug of war between centralized and decentralized power is what's at the core of the battle brewing in society today.


• # 004 • What Is A Leader?
In this impromptu 3am installment of the Higher Ideas Podcast (brought to you by insomnia & Alpha Brain), I go over my current burning thought: What is a leader? Where are the leaders? And something we can learn from of all places, Star Trek.


• # 003 • Nother Ever Changes?
In this installment we discuss the common modern sentiment of "Nothing ever changes". Just how accurate is that?


• # 002 • (Occupy) What's An Activist?
Here I discuss my experience at Occupy, what I learned from it, and a critical look at the word "Activist". Sorry for audio buzzing, last time I edit on bad earphones


• # 001 • What Time Is It?
It all began with a simple question...



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