Via Verde Ayahuasca

Hello, and thank you for visiting Via Verde!

Due to the corona virus pandemic, we have suspended all operations.

The complications are as follows:

1 : Peru is currently under total quarantine.

2 : The low-income and elderly residents of the village, and entire rural region, are at severe risk from any infected travelers that would visit the property. (Via Verde begs all deep-jungle Ayahuasca operations not to put profit over the health and lives of the isolated populations hosting their center.)

3 : It is fruitless to make any travel or flight bookings, considering the unclear global-travel future at this time.

Until solutions appear to these issues, bookings are stopped.
For now, the timeline is completely unknown.

To be notified when operations resume, please fill the contact form below and ask to be added to the mailing list.

Thank you, and be safe!



E-mail us using the form below:

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