Via Verde Ayahuasca
Via Verde Ayahuasca
Via Verde Ayahuasca

Via Verde Ayahuasca ('The Green Way') serves guided Ayahuasca & Master Plant medicine retreats for your health and spiritual advancement. Our retreats take place in the jungles of a little Amazon river village and we operate out of Tarapoto, Peru.

Working with Ayahuasca can be a daunting experience on it's own, not to mention doing it in the jungles of a foreign county! Via Verde is here to help. When you visit us, you can feel secure under the care of an experienced western assistant, and friend, who'll be with you from the moment your flight lands and right through your entire experience.

We aim to make the whole journey easier so more people can positively meet this amazing medicine, and the beautiful Amazon Jungle which hosts us!

Via Verde Ayahuasca
Via Verde Ayahuasca

We offer Ayahuasca Dietas in week-long installments (multiple-week stays are no problem). You'll be spending your time at our private medicine center, which has been in operation for 15 years and is well established. You will drink Ayahuasca 3 times per week along with other Master Plant medicine assigned to you by a master plant healer, Maestro Orlando.

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Via Verde Ayahuasca

Our method is very traditional, designed to maximize the various benefits and spiritual potency of Ayahuasca and medicinal plants. It is exactly the method used by Apprentices learning the medicine. In fact, we commonly receive Shamans, Healers, and Apprentices from other well-known Ayahuasca centers, who come to work with our Maestro and deepen their knowledge.

Even the experienced will find us to be a powerful school for serious growth!

Via Verde Ayahuasca
Via Verde Ayahuasca

Simplify. Amplify.

A 'Dieta' isn't glamorous or sexy. Giving up pleasures and comforts for a while can be a drag. But we operate this way because it works! We aren't here to put on a show with bells and whistles; we're here to work for your betterment!

We're a healing center, designed for minimum distraction and maximum self-work. A simple but powerful sanctuary - Serious about healing and spiritual advancement. Our power lies in dedication to real medicine and our clients' best personal results. Our aim is to guide your natural progress while channeling the medicine as purely as possible.

The Personal Touch

Ayahuasca healing is about more than the plants you're drinking; it's also about the care and management of the healers overseeing your journey. We like to keep our groups small (1-10) so we can properly focus our attention on each and every one of our people. Very few centers out there provide a personal trainer who so closely monitors your process and integration. You can be sure that with us, you'll get a level of personal attention that's hard to beat!


Via Verde Ayahuasca
Maestro Orlando

Maestro Orlando is a Peruvian plant medicine healer and the director/owner of this medicine center. He has a global reputation and is a respected figure in Ayahuasca circles. He's been working with plants since age 13, learning under his grandfather who was known as "The Maestro of Maestros". He has decades of experience providing Ayahausca ceremony, plant medicine, and directing medicinal dietas.

If you've listened to the fantastic Ayahuasca stories told on the 'Joe Rogan Podcast' - Maestro Orlando was their man!

-Heading Ayahuasca ceremonies
-Assigning Master Plant medicine
-Daytime visits to discuss your progress
-Any necessary acts of energetic healing
-Emotional/Moral support where needed

A word from Maestro Orlando

    "Ours is a land of enchantment, home to ancient man’s great traditional knowledge. The mysteries and magic of the jungle reside here at our center (MuPa). Here the Power Plants heal, and we guides will facilitate your work. Come discover the value of our ancestral science. Now, less talk - more action!"


Pedro is a Canadian apprentice, for over 3 years assisting at our center while studying under Maestro Orlando. He'll be your guide and personal attendant throughout your stay, lending all his experience to maximize your own progress with the medicine. But before anything, he's a familiar friend waiting to help you through this exotic journey.

He's written a book, many articles, and also podcasts about Ayahuasca extensively.

-Airport Pickup & Hotel Assistance
-Translation (
English, French < > Spanish)
-Guide & orientation around Tarapoto

-Prep-talk before all Ayahuasca drinks
-Daily visits to discuss your progress
-Nearby day & night for questions or needs
-Training, advice and perspective while in dieta
-Emotional/Moral support where needed

A word from Pedro

    "To recommend our center, I don't have to say much more than this: I've derailed my entire life to work, learn, and assist precisely here. I wouldn't be here if I didn't believe in this place. I'm as fortunate to be here as any of our guests... I feel so much satisfaction in seeing our people have a powerful experience!

You have to experience this place - a real treasure - get over here!"

Via Verde Ayahuasca

A few words from previous Via Verde guests!

Tim - USA

    " My journey with the healing and spiritual benefits of plant medicine in ceremonies started a few years back. While they were helpful experiences, I always felt something was lacking. There was little or no guidance from facilitators, inauthentic ceremonies, and no real emphasis on dieta and integration. Fate intervened; I found Pedro and this center. I've now come to know that what I previously lacked was the "work". Proper plant healing means work; difficult yet often beautiful work!

Pedro was an integral part of my properly completing the work that I longed and needed to do. He was an excellent coach and mentor, advising me throughout the process. He answered any questions I had and often anticipated issues and needs before they even came up. As for Maestro Orlando, he's clearly a wise and powerful healer! I appreciated his kind and dedicated manner, as well as his beautiful medicine center. I highly recommend Via Verde to anyone searching for a profound, rich, authentic ayahuasca experience. I plan on returning to the center annually going forward.

Thank you both for an unforgettable week!"

Cory - USA

    "I did the one week diet at Via Verde for my first ayahuasca experience. Upon getting off the plane in Tarapoto I felt a little uneasy and nervous about what I was gonna embark on in the coming week. Pedro was there to meet me and immediately I felt his calm warming presence which set me at ease right away.

I arrived at the retreat and was welcomed by maestro Orlando and got started on my one week diet. The experience was transformational to say the least! Ayahuasca is a powerful medicine and when I felt like I was losing control maestro Orlando was right there to bring me back to center. During my stay I was checked on daily by Pedro and Orlando to make sure the process was going how I hoped. Both of them were very caring people who wanted me to get the most out of my experience. Maestro Orlando is a powerful healer with decades of experience working with plant medicine and it showed. He is a master in his craft and stays true to the traditional way.

Pedro was an amazing guide and translator. He made me feel comfortable and was there to answer any questions I had. I couldn't ask for a better friend to help me through my transformational week in the jungle. Even after the one week diet was over Pedro was there in Tarapoto to help get a hotel and show me around the beautiful city.

Thank you again to Orlando and Pedro for opening my eyes. I recommend via verde to anyone who wants a true and authentic ayahuasca experience!"

Paul - Sweden

    "I did the 2 week diet. At my first opening ceremony, I freaked out and thought I was going to pack my bags and get out of there. For a westerner who does this for the first time it can turn out to be quite a bit of a challenge, trying to make sense out of the unexpected experience. You could end up quitting!

But thankfully Pedro, who is an experienced apprentice, was there and could guide me through it all. He was skilled at paying attention to what I needed in order to progress smoothly. I came there filled with phobias, but Pedro helped me by suggesting ways of meeting, facing and working through them. I could always rely on him with any type of questions. Thanks to Pedro I was able to clear a lot of fears and made fast progress, breaking out of my ‘boxes’, much of which I probably would have missed out on, working by myself.

I am forever thankful to Maestro Orlando and to have had the opportunity to work with him. A true curandero, who stays authentic to the old traditions. This has easily been the most amazing transformational work I have ever done and I can’t wait to come back and work with Orlando and Pedro again!"

Petra & Sonya (Mother/Daughter) - Croatia

    "Spending a week in dieta was a deeply transformational experience for us. Healing orchestrated by Maestro Orlando and assisted by Pedro was a week anything but ordinary, on all levels.

Pedro helped to welcome us at the airport upon arrival, introduced us to the conditions of dieta at the Center and offered his assistance during our week-long stay in isolation. His presence was warm, welcoming and in alignment with the environment of the retreat and the type of work that is done there. His dedication to assisting in medicine work shined trough during our healing week and his advice was able to ease our busy minds. Always present enough and distant enough it was a good energy during the incredible week.

Pedro also offered to show us around the city of Tarapoto and point out local attractions for our one day stay which was a great help. The whole experience would not have been the same without him.

Thank you for all your work Pedro & Orlando!"

Via Verde Ayahuasca

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